Dyana Gray


Dyana Gray is a New Zealand artist living in Melbourne, Australia. Primarily a painter, she also works in, cartooning/illustrating, music, and animation.

Dyana obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts  in 2005 from Otago Polytechnic, New Zealand.

Since graduating Dyana has exhibited work in Melbourne and New Zealand, in solo shows and group exhibitions.

December 2011, Melbourne

Group show, The Whistle Blower Petition, (video work), At Counihan Gallery, as part of The 2011 Women’s Salon exhibition. The work was a two minute looped film of 100 men wolf-whistling in succession. The work was made in collaboration with Louise Dibben.

October 2011, Melbourne-

Group show, New Low Launch, at New Low. Water colours.


July 2011, Dunedin NZ-

Solo show, Glory Days, at A Gallery. Painting. 


March 2011, Dunedin NZ- 

Group show, 5 Artists, at Rocda Gallery.


November 2010, Melbourne-

Contributed a work to, Silent Auction, at artist run initiative, Art Beat.


September 2009, Melbourne- 

Collaborated with artist/cartoonist, Ben Montero, in an exhibition of drawings, One Art Please! At Glitch.


July 2008, Melbourne- Residency

The Victorian Tapestry Workshop. Painted alongside the weavers, attended workshops, and learned about the culture and history of weaving and the space.


February 2008, Melbourne-

Solo show, Brain Leak, at The Workshop. The exhibition was a Collection of framed figurative drawings.


 December 2007, Melbourne– 

Are my Seams Straight, (hand drawn animation), was released by Tape Projects (an artist run collective), on a widely distributed, Australian government funded D.V.D compilation. The animation was screened in the Tape projects Gallery on the release night.


May 2006, Dunedin-

Are My Seams Straight, (hand drawn animation) was screened at the, Dunedin Public art Gallery, in the, After Dark Space, it was able to be viewed and listened to on the street outside the gallery, 24 hours a day, for the duration of the looped screening.


January 2006, Dunedin (NZ)-

Group exhibition, Class of 2005: The Graduate show, held at The blue Oyster Gallery. Are My Seams Straight, (hand drawn animation) was exhibited at this Show.


December 2005, Dunedin (NZ)-

Graduate exhibition, Site: Otago Polytechnic B.F.A Graduate Exhibition. Majored in Painting, but was very involved with digital art. The exhibition was entitled, Adventures in Cyan, I presented 30 Oil paintings and a video work.


December 2004, Nelson (NZ)-

Solo show, Beauties of the Brush, at The Nelson City Council funded gallery space,Gallery 203. The show was an exhibition of Figurative oil paintings.


October 2004, Dunedin (NZ)– 

I helped organize, and was involved in a performance based art project called, The Crown Manifestos. This event included a performance by internationally renowned performance artist Adrian Hall. My Performance was entitled,The Manifesto of Love.


October 2003, Dunedin (NZ)-

Group exhibition called Nun. The exhibition was held at an Artist run Gallery space called None Gallery. I made a video work and presented drawings.


February 2003, Wellington (NZ)-

Group exhibition, curated by and held at The Family art gallery. In the exhibition, The Body, I exhibited large figurative Oil Paintings. 




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