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Whistle Blower Petition

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Whistle Blower Petition is a collaboration between artists, Louise Dibben, and Dyana Gray.
Over the period of a month, participants were invited back to our Melbourne studio to be filmed wolf whistling. We filmed 100 men, and made a 5 minute video.

Each participant, was asked to give his name, and sign a petition after his wolf whistle is documented.

Whistle Blower Petition will be exhibited in November as part of the Women’s Salon 2011 at the Counihan Gallery.
This year’s exhibition marks the anniversary of a landmark event in Australian history – the centenary of women voting in the Victorian Legislative Assembly elections, which enabled women to run for public office. The official opening night coincides with the same date that one hundred years ago on 16 November 1911, women were given the opportunity to exercise their vote in Legislative Assembly elections for the first time.



New Low Launch, 4th October 2011

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Love Don’t Live Here Anymore, (Illustrated publication of poem by Sean M Whelan)

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Wet Dreams

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Wet Dreams

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Good Grief

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Dyana Gray Charlie Brown

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A selection of works from my solo show, “Glory Days”

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Fighting Stance

Some writing about Glory Days

“To be a good painter, you have to be a bit stupid”

-Salvador Dali


The act of painting; It’s like creating a flame by rubbing two sticks together. The discipline isn’t always efficient. It’s messy, materially and conceptually, but the process is spiritual and the resolution, magic.

Passionate and romantic, the small colourful works on raw wood paneling present folksy imaginings. Just as Rousseau painted the jungles of Africa without ever leaving Paris in his lifetime, my dreams are other-worldly, and I struggle to realize them in paint.

The process of painting straight onto unprimed building material, is reminiscent of work by Australian outlaw artist Ian Fairweather. My methods are partly a result of my fascination with outsider painters. The work also touches on the psychedelic notion of hallucination, seeing crawling visions in inanimate objects and walls.

Ghosts are real, they live in our subconscious, they are the shadow part of human love. The past is all we have. Everything that is dead, or extinct, still exists on another plain. In my paintings ghosts are acknowledged, the past is captured, and immortalized.

The Thylacine became extinct in the 1930s, at the same time the surrealists were hitting their stride in Europe. The marsupial is from Tasmania, (a small island off the South of Australia) the creature stands as a symbol of exoticism in Australasia. Proud but lonely this Tiger is painted bigger than life, bigger than me. He stands in a futurist environment, space like. He has transcended, and exists on another plain.

It is said that children can’t differentiate between inanimate objects and living things. When I was very young, 3 or 4, I had no real friends; I created them out of paper and cardboard, the same size as me. It was wonderfully fulfilling! It still is.



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Watercolour and ink on Paper, 21 x 29.7 cm




Wet Dreams

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Wet Dreams

Buffalo. from Series, Wet Dreams. Watercolour and ink on paper, 22 x 50 cm.